part 2


Two different off white slips, one quite short and the other a little longer are displayed by Mercedes in a classic slip show set. Both slips are complimented by matching panties and tan Hanes stockings. Lots of shots of Mercedes in slips, many different angles, including all the favorite views of a lady in a slip and I managed to get some shots with the light showing through the slip to show the garters and stocking tops beneath. Slip fans will be in heaven!!!

55 PHOTOS FOR $5.50


Sometimes as we shoot a set, we just know we have a winner. This is one of those sets. Two black full slips, blue stockings and black stockings, off-white panties and black panties; lots of eye-catching contrast and subtle color matches. But the highlight for most of you will be some of the hottest panty close ups that Mercedes has ever done, along with a sequence of black panties coming down her black seamed stocking clad legs that drives me wild. And I didn't forget to get some good shots of the lace at both ends of the slips. A very erotic set!

77 PHOTOS FOR $7.70


A classic straight slip set. Mercedes displays her silky, lacy, white slip from Secrets In Lace with black panties and gray stockings, plus black high heels. There is a fairly high proportion of close ups in this set, showing the details of the slip, her panties, stockings and shoes; as she stands, sits and climbs about. A set that emphasizes the slip, but doesn't neglect panties and stockings.

60 photos for $6


My favorite amongst the slip sets. Mercedes shows us a beautiful white silk slip, with matching panties and contrasting stockings. This is real slip lovers set, the shots of Mercedes standing facing the camera with her hands on her hips rival the close up shots of the lacy hem against her dark stockings, or maybe the shot of her kneeling and leaning forward as the slip hangs open in front of her, exposing her panties and garter belt, is best.

35 PHOTOS FOR $3.50


Mercedes in a beautiful lilac silk slip with olive trim. After her olive trench coat dress comes off we see her in this lovely slip, which she raises to show her matching panties and R.H & T blue stockings. She sits down with the slip pulled up for a better look at those panties and her stocking clad thighs. There's lots of stretching and bending to show off the figure hugging qualities of silk and finally the slip comes off. This set contains an excellent close up of the hem lace across Mercedes' legs.

25 PHOTOS FOR $2.50


If Jane had worn this outfit, Tarzan would never have gone swinging! A beautiful leopard print slip with plenty of black lace, matching bra, and contrasting black G string make for a WILD outfit! WILD but essentially feminine as the wide lace hem just covers her stocking tops and the bra and G string just cover what they have to.
You’ll see that in the close up shots, just before Mercedes looses the bra and then takes off the G string. That’s when this set turns into a MAN-EATER!!!  Get out your whip and chair and join in the fun!


The Whisper Of Silk

Another great set in the "slip sampler series" with lots of half slips and full slips, plus some fabulous panties in a rainbow of colors and styles!! A visual delight for the slip fancier!! The new larger format pictures allow you a real close-up look!!

115 PHOTOS FOR $11.50

Sensuous Slip Sampler # 2

Join Mercedes as she slips on her stockings and high heels, before taking you for another delightful dip into her fabulous collection of slips. Starting with her camisole and panty sets she rapidly moves on to a display where the emphasis is on half slips. From very short to knee length, some with lacy trims, some with side splits, and some with both. She models them for you with and WITHOUT her camisole top. There are also 3 full slips featured, including one with an ocean of creamy white lace, and a
very sexy little red number. See her in bra and panties too when she is between slips.

85 PHOTOS FOR $8.50

Sensuous Slip Sampler

Mercedes' slip collection just grows and grows. We were wondering how best to display some of the many which haven't been seen in photosets
yet and this is what we came up with, simply a sampler view of her slips, no storyline, no special background or props, just slips. Lots of slips, nothing but slips, just slips, oh, and panties, so it's just slips and panties, that's all, oh, and stockings, well it wouldn't be a Mercedes Set without stockings, would it? So it's mainly slips, did I mention a couple of shoe shots? However, it really is mostly slips, white slips, black, blue, lemon, yellow slips, lacy slips, slips with lacy tops, slips with lacy hems and slips with both. slips with a whole load of lace and slips with a little. Standing shots, sitting and lying down shots, on her bed, on the sofa, on the stairs and on the piano. Slips clinging to her curves and slips draping from them. A real Festival of Slips!!! And those panty shots, are HOT!!

110 PHOTOS FOR $11

Backseat Strip

Something for everyone here. Mercedes starts this set standing by the limo so that she can show you her sexy white full slip, with full length lace panels running from neck line to hem line. But though you may thrive on seeing a lovely lady in her slinky slip, you must be getting curious about whatís underneath. Well Mercedes never keeps you waiting long, so soon the slip is pulled up to display the tops of her blue fully fashioned stockings and her blue panties, the ones with the see-through rear. Now we see some wonderful outdoor, slip raised poses. Then the action moves into the limo as she slips off the slip and beckons you inside for a more intimate show. Take a firm grip now, because the panties are coming off, followed by the bra, for some very erotic and teasing shots. The set concludes with the bra and panties being replaced for some car top sunbathing.

105 PHOTOS FOR $10.50

On The Deck

This set starts out with Mercedes wearing a white slip, bra, thong panties, and a pair of tan pantyhose. First to go is the thong and then the slip takes a turn down her long sexy legs. Now it's Mercedes wearing just her bra and the pantyhose for your pleasure and boy does she pose!! And, of course, towards the end of set, the bra is unfastened and removed!!

75 PHOTOS FOR $7.50

The Cheap Slip Set

Why that name? No, the slips aren't cheap and Mercedes certainly isn't cheap but apparently I was cheap with the resolution setting when I took the photos as the resolution is only 240 x 320.   Now my mistake is your gain because we have this large set priced well below normal and the shots are pure Mercedes slip glamour as you can see in the full size photos above!!--Tom

170 PHOTOS FOR $15

Silky Secrets

The set LEGS-STOCKINGS-GARTERS left Mercedes in the classic bra, panties and garters, this is what happened next. Mercedes then slipped into a beautiful silky pink half slip, that perfectly matched her outfit. After letting you get a very good look at the slip she removed her bra and replaced it with a short silk camisole top, the perfect companion to the half slip. As always there were plenty of chances to admire the effect, before Mercedes spiced up the action by removing her panties. Now the creamy lace hem of the half slip had to work overtime to tease without revealing. Then Mercedes really walked out on the tightrope of tease, by removing the slip too.!! Did I mention that the camisole was only waist length???

114 PHOTOS FOR $11.40

Mercedes' Slip

Mercedes want to show you her new figure hugging slip. She is sure that you will love the way that the close fitting delicate material makes the slip tantalizingly close to see through, especially with her sheer white bra beneath it. Of course it is even more revealing when she bends and stretches, so she does that just for you. Look under the lace of the hem for the tops of her beige rh&t stockings and you might get a glimpse of her gold thong panties. Donít worry, you soon get more than a glimpse when Mercedes lifts up the slip for you. You will also get a better view of that sheer white bra after the slip comes slowly off, for some classic legs and stockings glamour photography.

95 PHOTOS FOR $9.50

Midnight Lace

Mercedes puts on a short, lacy black slip while wearing sexy black pantyhose. Then you get to watch as she removes her pantyhose and slowly runs a beautiful pair of long black stockings up her legs and attaches them to her garter belt. A pair of strappy high heels completes her outfit and she is ready to tease you with some great poses.


Break Time Strip

Just like the car, Mercedes has a new bold look and this is her hottest set yet!!! She starts out in a two piece business suit and slowly takes off item after item until she is wearing only stockings, garter belt, and a pair of high heels. Lot's of hot photos every step of the way! Wait till you see her covering her beautiful full breasts in bubble wrap!!!

140 PHOTOS FOR $14

Slip Business

Thrills and frills in the office and striking the right note by the piano, this set features two beautiful lacy white silky slips that cling and hang in just the right spots!! One shot in my 'office' and the other by our old player piano for some nice contrasts. Watch closely to see where the panties go! Hold on tight when Mercedes bends over to pick up her pencil and brace yourself for the short slip and no panties shots. Some very intimate close-ups, especially of slip over breast and some very "cheeky" shots of pulled down panties. Superb value, as long as your heart can stand it!! (LGS assume no responsibility for the health of those who purchase this set). Excellent value!!

110 PHOTOS FOR $11

Office Dreams

The hottest slip set ever put out!! Mercedes sloooowly strips out of her business suit so that that you can admire her beautiful short slip from Secrets In Lace. Lots of great shots and poses with the slip, long full fashioned stockings, and a great pair of high heels! Then she sloooowly removes the slip for the final climax!! 

180 PHOTOS FOR $18

Slip Delight

SLIP DELIGHT In this delightful set Mercedes shows you five of her slinkiest, sexiest slips. See her slip in, and out, of a stunning half slip with a fantastic full length lace panel, three wonderful full slips in light blue, white, and a very slinky ivory number with a lot of sexy lace on both its top and bottom. During this lovely lingerie display she also gives you many views of her bra, panties and stockings, that is until the bra comes off. In the final part she shows off her yellow half slip, with its beautiful scalloped lace hem and then removes it, when we find that something is missing, where did her panties go?!!

170 PHOTOS FOR $17

11260181.jpg (152985 bytes)

Intimate Assets

Mercedes really knows how to strip and tease you with her intimate assets!! She starts off in a very sexy violet bra and panty set with long black full fashioned stockings and sexy strappy high heels. Later, the shoes come off and there are lots of intimate poses on the bed for your pleasure!! Finally, she slowly removes her silky lace slip.



Teasing is what Mercedes does best and never better than in this
set. Starting in her green dress, with black stockings and black high heel, and looking rather formal in her black gloves, Mercedes first action is to raise the hem of that dress so we can see her black half slip. Wait a minute her garter needs adjusting, never one to miss an opportunity like that I take a close up while she refastens it. More lifted hem, more close ups of slip against stocking top, some glimpses of panty. Then it's time to take the dress off, slowly, teasingly, first unzip the back, undo the belt, slip it off the shoulder and step elegantly out, in black bra and half slip. What's that we glimpse through the side slit in the slip as her gloves come off? Mercedes has a black girdle on! Coyly and tantalizingly she lifts the slip to show us. The slip starts to come down, over the girdle, over her stocking tops and down her long legs. What happens next? Well that's another photoset.